Where’s my order? I’m getting antsy over here.

All orders are processed and shipped within 7-10 days after they are placed. Because we are punk rockers, we process and ship all orders in-house, and although we do our best to make sure you receive your Apology in a timely manner, we are happy to check on the status of your order if you feel you've been waiting too long. Just send an email to orders@apologymagazine.com and we’ll look into it.

I think my order went to an outdated address. Can you send another?

We cannot be held responsible for lost or missing items, so please make sure that you provide a current and correct mailing address for us to send your shipment to.  If your shipping address is outdated or incorrect and your shipment is returned to us, you’ll have to pay for shipping again so that we can resend your order. That’s kind of a bummer for everyone. If your shipment just plain disappears into the aether of the U.S. Mail system because your address was outdated, that’s an even bigger bummer.

I moved. How do I update my mailing address?

You may send us your change of address by clicking here



What shipping options do you offer?

For orders in the US, we offer flat rate shipping via Priority Mail, which means you’ll receive your order 2-3 days after it leaves us, and you will be provided with a tracking number once your order ships.

International orders are shipped via First Class International, and generally you can expect to receive your order anywhere from 6-10 days after it leaves us. We have found that shipping times vary from country to country—mostly due to customs regulations. So, unfortunately, we can’t be super precise about when your order will arrive.

What about expedited shipping or bulk orders?

If you’re ordering more than four issues or you require expedited shipping, please send us an email before you place your order and we’ll sort you out, as the British say.



How do I subscribe to Apology?

By clicking here. We offer four-issue subscriptions to readers in the U.S. and Canada. New subscriptions will start with the current issue. 

I don’t live in America or Canada. Can I subscribe?

Sorry, not yet. For now, we can only offer current and back issue sales to readers in the rest of the world. 

How often is Apology published?

Apology doesn’t adhere to traditional publication schedules because it isn’t a traditional publication. Issues are released when they’re ready. It might be better to think of each issue of Apology as a book, or even a movie or a record. These things take time, and we don’t want to make promises and then disappoint you.



May I have a refund? 

Sorry, we don’t offer refunds or returns for single-issue sales. We do, on a case-by-case basis, replace copies that have been damaged during shipping. We just need photo documentation of the issue’s condition emailed to orders@apologymagazine.com

May I cancel my subscription?

Yes. We will refund the cost of any remaining issues on your subscription, but not the cost of issues that have already shipped. To cancel your subscription, please click here.