Apology is a magazine featuring literature, interviews, essays, reportage, humor, photography, and art. In other words: pretty much everything.

Its a general interest magazine for people whose general interests aren’t general. It’s a sophisticated alternative to sophomoric magazines; it’s a sophomoric alternative to sophisticated magazines. It’s a make-your-own-pithy-observation-that-goes-here magazine.

“Apology’s content, a mix of fiction, literary nonfiction, photography and cultural reporting, ranges from the comedic to the arcane.” —THE NEW YORK TIMES
“Jesse Pearson’s new magazine is distinctly (and unapologetically) his—a little odd, but in a likable way.” —NEW YORK MAGAZINE
“After fueling youth culture with an endless variety of vice, Jesse Pearson launches his higher-minded magazine, Apology.” —FAST COMPANY

Apology was founded by and is edited and designed by the writer  Jesse Pearson, who was the editor-in-chief of Vice magazine from 2002 until 2010 and an editor at the much-missed NYC culture magazine index from 1999 until 2002.

Apology’s first three issues included appearances by Ryan McGinley, Terry Richardson, Tim Barber, Aurel Schmidt, Roe Ethridge, Richard Prince, Raymond Pettibon, Dan Colen, Rivka Galchen, Bill Callahan, John Ashbery, Frederick Exley, Tim & Eric, Lesley Arfin, Richard Kern, Will Oldham, Chelsea Peretti, Ian Svenonius, Sam McPheeters, Aaron Cometbus, Eileen Myles, Charles Willeford and many more.

Apology is published whenever a new issue is ready, which ends up being around three times per year. It is distributed by ARTBOOK/DAP. The next issue will be available online and in stores soon.




To request a media kit or to inquire about ad rates, email info@apologymagazine.com. For trade inquiries, please contact Dan Nadel at our distributor, ARTBOOK/D.A.P.